Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a Winter!!

Wow! I remember snowy, snowy winters from my childhood, but I don't ever remember a winter quite like this one! On my sister-in-law's blog about her African (exchange) sons, she says this winter is "showing off". I think we get the point! We are not in control of the weather. Now, can we move on?

Because of all the snow days and late starts, I feel a little disconnected from some of you. My lesson plans keep getting messed up, and I've had to renew a few books and other things from the AEA library :-) Right now I have some really neat medieval costumes checked out and a few of your children have had the fun of trying on some real chain mail and other cool stuff. I'm hoping I can keep it long enough for everyone to get a chance to look at it. We are also starting to construct some dioramas in the room that depict different parts of medieval culture. We'll eventually start building a castle! I guess if the weather slows down construction, well, it will just take a little longer. No problem.

I think I have finally gotten ITBS results back to all of you who tested. If any of you have questions on that, let me know.

One last thing. If you would like to schedule a conference time with me for any reason, I have time on Wednesday February 3 in the morning. I also have other times I could meet with you sprinkled throughout the month. Just give me a call or send me an email if you would like to set up a meeting.

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