Monday, December 7, 2009

If the Weather Outside is Frightful

I've been listening to the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Brrr. Not sure I'm ready for blizzardy type of snow. In light of the prediction, I thought I should remind everyone of the snow policy for home school assistance. If the Atlantic Public Schools cancel school, then there will be no home school assistance on that day. If there is a late start, I will also start late. So if you were scheduled to see me at 9:00, but school doesn't start till 10:00, I won't be there yet. We can either skip that week, or reschedule for later in the day, if I have an opening. When in doubt, give me a call:-)

To find out about school cancellations or late starts, listen to one of the local radio stations. KCCI out of Des Moines and WOWT in Omaha both list cancellations and late starts on their early morning broadcast between 6:00-7:00 am or on their websites.

Stay warm!

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