Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almost October!

Yesterday I saw the most amazing sight! Can you figure out what the black specks are on the side of the dam, near Cody, Wyoming? Look carefully....

They are mountain goats! Is that not incredible! How many days do you feel like you are just barely hanging on? You would think there could be no way these goats could stand, yet not only are they standing and licking salt off the dam, they are climbing higher! Wow, there has to be some kind of object lesson in that. At the very least...hang in there!

So, we're already on the brink of October. We had fun in September celebrating some pretty wacky holidays (how's your piratese?) October has its own share of crazy holidays. Follow the link to find a complete list. Here are a few of my favorites...It's Popcorn Popping Month, Cookie Month & Pizza Month. (food, glorious food!) October 9th is both Fire Prevention Day and Moldy Cheese Day. October 11 shares Columbus Day and Take a Teddy Bear to Work Day. You'll want to hit the local coffee shops for Old Farmers Day on October 12, and then whip up something special for your family on October 14, National Dessert Day. October 16 might be a good day for a vocabulary lesson...Dictionary Day! Then on the next day, have fun with Wear Something Gaudy Day.

Here in the HSAP room, we'll be celebrating National Fire Prevention Week, the first week of the month. Don't forget the tour Genny set up at the local Fire Station on Tuesday the 5th at 2:00. We'll also remember Columbus Day.

One interesting holiday I would like to observe this year is Sweetest Day. Maybe some of you have heard about this, but it is new to me. Celebrated on the third Sunday in October, to many it is sort of a second Valentines Day. It was founded in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, by an employee of a local candy company. Some people observe the holiday by leaving notes and gifts for people who make their lives special while others choose to bless people who are often forgotten on other holidays. I think it would be neat to make little gifts and write some anonymous notes to leave all over town to brighten people's days. Let me know if you have any ideas of creative ways to commemorate this holiday!

We may also spend some time learning about farming and the harvest season. I may touch on the costume part of Halloween, but I really don't like to put too much emphasis on that holiday.
And of course, there's always football...

So, drink some hot cider, take a crunchy walk through fall leaves and enjoy the new month!

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