Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it really almost May?

Whoa! Where has this month gone! I can't believe it's almost May. The crab apple tree outside of my classroom is blooming and it's absolutely beautiful! That means it's time for me to get the annual Kid's Collection put together, so I am extending a last invitation for kids to submit writing or artwork to our publication. Deadline of next Tuesday, May 5. I have collected many neat things throughout the year and have started the process. I will try to have them ready to send home by the middle of May.
On another subject, I get regular emails from Parenting with Love and Logic. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Jim Fay or the Love and Logic Institute in Colorado. One of my sister-in-laws teaches Love and Logic classes. Anyway, I thought today's post was a good reminder. You probably have perfect children who never question what they need to learn :-) but for that occasional day where they do....well, enjoy!

Are you ever confronted with the following? If so, experiment with these responses.
Possible Adult Response #1.
"Every time your brain is learning something new it starts running faster so you can learn the things you want to learn easier. Thanks for asking." Possible Adult Response #2.
"Learning things you don't want to learn grows the brain so that all other things are easier to learn. Thanks for asking." Possible Adult Response #3.
"If you don't figure out why by the time you master this, ask me that question again." Child: "IT'S TOO HARD, I CAN'T DO IT."
Possible Adult Response #1.
"Aren't you glad I don't believe that?" Possible Adult Response #2.
"Wouldn't it be sad if I believed that?" Possible Adult Response #3.
"Nice try. Let me know when you are finished."
One of the guiding concepts that has served as a pillar of the Love and Logic philosophy is, "I don't become what I think I can. I don't become what you think I can. I become what I think you think I can."

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