Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Perfect Blustery Day

The weather in the midwest is down right frightful today. My rather romantic notion of a perfect blustery winter day includes things like a fire in a fireplace, (don't have one) a cup of coffee, something yummy baking in the oven and reading some hilariously good book aloud to my children. (Hank the Cowdog, with me doing all of the crazy voices would work). After awhile, we would switch to board games. Maybe a little Rummy Cube, or some Life on the Farm ( a monopoly like game), or Jenga.

In my perfect senario, there are no cattle chores to do outdoors, no laundry piling up and the dirty dishes created by the yummy baking would miraculously clean themselves.

I was listening the other day on my ipod to the book of Ecclesiates while I was working out at the gym. I was reminded that there is a time and a season for everything, and that much of what we do is just chasing after the wind. Unfortunately, some days seem to get complicated. For example, our teenage boys' car won't start, and is dead in the high school parking lot. So I got up very early to take one boy to wrestling practice, went back home, got the other boys up for chores. Hubby is traveling and out of town, so I can either leave the boys' car in a parking lot and let him worry about it, or I can figure out how to handle the problem later today. Since I am his helpmate, I'm thinking trying to find a solution on my own would be less stressful for him when he returns home.

So....where am I going with this? There won't be any fire, yummy baking, Hank the Cowdog or board games for me today. I have to brave the cold, do what I'm called to do today. There are days for letting the laundry slide, and days for getting an old car started. Days to bake and days to go to work. Days for reading aloud and days for letting the kids study diligently on their own. Days to do neat science experiments and days to read silently. Days for worksheets and days for art projects.

I don't know what your day is unfolding to be today. If you are fortunate to be able to stay in your warm house and let learning take place in a fun relaxed leave the laundry for tomorrow sort of way, rejoice and do it! If your day is a little more hectic, rejoice and do it that way! If you are car schooling more than home schooling today, so be it. Be encouraged. Tomorrow will be a brand new day. Live today. Laugh today. Learn today.

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Debbie said...

Linda ~ I have no idea if you'll even have a chance to see this with the week you have ahead of you (I'm praying), but you are right in what you say about this being a season of your life! Enjoy even the cars that don't start and the chores because your boys are there to do them with you. And I will enjoy my season with my husband and the times of looking forward to seeing the kids. In every season the Lord reveals HIMSELF to us in wonderful and new ways!